Pet Owners Use Face Paint To Turn Their Animals Into Creepy Skeletons For Halloween


Still unsure what to dress your pet up for this Halloween? Some pets don’t enjoy wearing floppy hats or constrictive costumes that require putting in one paw after the other. I speak from experience; one of my dogs will rip off her costume, no matter what it is, within only a few minutes of having it put on.

These pet owners have come up with the perfect solution to dressing up pets for Halloween, especially those pets that don’t enjoy wearing clothes. Simply bust out the non-toxic face paint and turn them into a skeleton. Pet-safe paint can be applied to your dog, cat, horse, or hamster for a costume worthy of an award.

Check out how these pet owners turned their adorable pets into festive Halloweenies!


Meet Nixie, she sure looks great in her skeleton costume. Nixie is a popular pup with her very own Facebook page and over 1,400 likes!


Nixie’s owner, Bryn Marele writes on Facebook that Nixie enjoys the attention that comes along with being spray painted. Bryn admits the most challenging part is getting Nixie’s tail just right because she won’t stop wagging it with excitement.


Since animals lick at their fur a lot, the most important thing is to find a non-toxic paint that will not harm your pet. Make sure to read the ingredients, and try a small spot on their coat before the big day in order to ensure your pet is not allergic before you spray their entire body.

Bryn carefully selects her paint, using hypoallergenic paint that is free of dye and lead, and is organic with a vegetable and water base.


Bryn has also dressed Nixie up as a fox using her talented painting skills. To turn Nixie into a rather believable Fox it takes 4 sessions at around 10-15 minutes each. Bryn uses her bare hands to help work the paint into Nixie’s coat, she finalizes the project by going over the paint with a microfiber cloth, which she attributes to the “soft look.” While the paint washes right off Nixie it leaves some pretty stubborn stains on Bryn’s hands.


When the haunting is over, Nixie hops in the plastic kiddie pool outside and the paint washes right off!


Here is what Nixie looks like when she is not in costume. She is a licker, you can see her planning to give mommy a big lick before she ever sees it coming in the photos below.


While a skeleton is a great idea, especially if you have a black pet and white paint, there are a number of ways you can use paint to dress up your animals. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild! Here are some other animals that underwent paint jobs for their halloween costume.

Mooo this ‘mad’ cow is here to haunt your Halloween nightmares!


The skeleton that just ‘horses around.’


The owner of this horse opperates Knot Just Rope, which specializes in hand crafted rope tack, including halters, bridles and more. Knot Just Rope has a storefront as well as an Etsy shop, and when it comes to Halloween this equestrian goes all out.

If you happen to live in Rockbridge, Ohio, you should stop by her market this Halloween for a chance to see her ‘Skeleton Horse’ out on the prowl.


This horse’s owner dresses up with her horse, sometimes as a grim reaper, and other times as a headless horseman.


Want to do something different from the traditional white skeleton markings? Use pink paint and make a costume that also fights for the cure.


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Photo Credits: Facebook (Bryn), Facebook (Nixie), Jenna FooKnot Just Rope