17 Pictures Of Proof: Cats Don’t Care About Your Personal Space


Cats are pretty DGAF, especially when it comes to personal space. When they want to be left alone, you better give them plenty of space… or else. Then, as soon you’re busy trying to get stuff down your cat suddenly has no understanding of personal space whatsoever.

When your cat is in need of attention they will stop at nothing to get it. My own cats have an entire laundry list of terrible things they do to get my attention, including eating my paperwork, stretching out on my keyboard, and invading my personal space in any way they possibly can.

The cats on this list prove it doesn’t matter what breed, color or size your feline may be, no cat cares about your personal space, not even one little meow.

1. Peeper Creeper

funny-cats-being-jerks-81__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Teemo Is Great At Getting Attention No Matter How Busy You Are

funny-cats-being-jerks-14__605Photo Credit: xblade724

3. Proof We Are Slaves To Cats

funny-cats-being-jerks-1__605Photo Credit: RIzviRizvi

4. Move Over, It’s My Turn To Ask Google A Question

funny-cats-being-jerks-4__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. True Life: I Have Too Many Cats To Take A Decent Bathroom Selfie

funny-cats-being-jerks-10__605Photo Credit: hightechkid9

6. Just Making Sure She Brushes Long Enough

funny-cats-being-jerks-13__605Photo Credit: inkspecialist 

7. Don’t Mind Me

funny-cats-being-jerks-7__605Photo Credit: lmvo23

8. You’re Done Reading. Like Now!

funny-cats-being-jerks-51__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. You Will Play With Me!

funny-cats-being-jerks-12__605Photo Credit: SswearToShakeItUp

10. Good Luck Reading Now

funny-cats-being-jerks-24__605Photo Credit: tomecat.com

11. No More Study, Play With Pebbles Instead

funny-cats-being-jerks-50__605Photo Credit: -Zuko-

12. Humans Love Butts In The Face… According To Cats

XX-cats-dont-give-a-fuck-about-your-personal-space1__605Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Peeking Over The Shower… I See You

funny-cats-being-jerks-6__605Photo Credit: lysr777

14. Excuse Me!

XX-cats-dont-give-a-fuck-about-your-personal-space4__605Photo Credit: lern41

15. Dosen’t Care If He’s Contributing To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, A Cat Sits Where He Wants To Sit

funny-cats-being-jerks-3__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. This Guy Just Wanted To Play Some Smash Bros

funny-cats-being-jerks-30__605Photo Credit: IM1RU1too

17. And I’m Never Moving!

funny-cats-being-jerks-18__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

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