Perfectly Timed Photos of Pets Create Hilarious Images

hot dog

Photo Credit: Priceless Pet Rescue

Pets bring a ton of joy into people’s lives across the globe. There are few pet owners who don’t have at least one hilarious story of their furry best friend doing something silly. Thanks to these very perfectly timed photos of pets, they bring even more laughter into the world for all of us to enjoy. Pictured above, Priceless Pet Rescue in Chino Hills, California found a creative way to try and get this “hot dog” a home.

This pooch, pictured below, is so in need of a little female company that he’ll take a drawing if he has to.


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Definitely one clever King Charles Spaniel, don’t you think?


Photo Credit: Pam

This kitty blends in far too well with that carpet.


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That tabby looks just like me. How can I get MY face on that bag?


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And, that’s what I think about what you have to say. So there.



My, have you grown!

long kitty

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Don’t worry. I got this, and I’m not ever letting go. Ever. Whoops. Where’d it go? What happened?


Photo Credit: David Hodgins

Did you just cut me off? Did you? Don’t mess with me today, this traffic is brutal and I’m NOT in the mood.


Photo Credit:Anonymous Panda/Bored Panda