20 Perfect Pics To Warm Every Perfectionist’s Heart


Symmetry helps make the world go round. Humans and animals are drawn to symmetry. In fact, organisms that appear “more symmetrical” are more likely to find a mate than their unsymmetrical peers. Science has long speculated that symmetry is a natural way we use to identify health.

Symmetry doesn’t just impact facial features or animal bodies, but the entire world around us. These perfect pics prove just how soothing symmetry can be, as each one sings a delightfully silent hum that warms your heart and soul.

Symmetry has been an important concept in art for as long as we know. In 1933, Harvard mathematician George Birkhoof published a book called Aesthetic Measure, which detailed a formula he developed (M = O/C) to analyze the aesthetic qualities of artwork. In his researched opinion, less complex and more ordered art appeared the most beautiful of all.

If you’re a perfectionist you are sure to go wild looking at these perfect pics!

1. Specially Designed Faucet Saves Water By Pouring Out In Beautiful Swirling Patterns

perfection-15__605Photo Credit: Simin Qiu

2. The Perfect Bowls Of Kitties!

perfection-52__605Photo Credit: jgolden832

3. One Tire Shop Stacks Their Used Tires In This Rather Perfect Formation

perfection-8__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. 98 Perfect Cubes Of Raw Food

perfection-27__605Photo Credit: Lernert and Sander

5. Juicy Tomato Anyone?

perfection-5__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

perfection-36__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. This Collection Of Library Pencils Makes Everyone Want To Write

perfection-48__605Photo Credit: dwimback

8. Colored Pencil Perfection

perfection-37__605Photo Credit: Unknown

9. Someone Sure Knows How To Cut Grass With Serious Precision

perfection-66__605Photo Credit: jazznwhiskey

10. When OCD Meets Alphabet Soup

OCD-soup__605Photo Credit: Elly Ts

11. Seriously Though… When Is Every Book On Your Shelf The Same Size?!

perfection-17__605Photo Credit: JellyBellyMuttMutt

12. Tower Of Fruit

perfection-551__605Photo Credit: LadySovereign

13. “My Pasta Synchronized Perfectly In The Pan Whilst Cooking”

perfection-4__605Photo Credit: lagori

14. Synchronized Seagulls

DSCN1239__605Photo Credit: Josée De Vroe

15. “We Found Our Guide Book Cover On The Appalachian Trail”

When real life and a photograph perfectly align.

perfection-40__605Photo Credit: ChiefPete 

16. Candy Coated Cake On Point

perfection-33__605Photo Credit: Unknown

17. Discount Sandals Blend In With The Shelf

perfection-60__605Photo Credit: TWrox

18. Messy Tangled Cables No Thank You!

perfection-64__605Photo Credit: tolurkistolearn

19. Chinese Nursing Students Taking Graduation Exam In Perfect Formation

There will be no cheating during this exam!

main_1200-1__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. Naturally Splendid Spiral

perfection-35__605Photo Credit: Randy Dellinger

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