20 Hilariously Perfect Coincidences That Tell A Completely Different Story

11. KiteKat For Jesus


Photo Credit: cienfora

12. Hopefully The First Billboard Isn’t Answered By The Billboard In Back…

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-43__605Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Tipsy Babies

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-7__605Photo Credit: gooddogisgood

14. So Close But So Far Away

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-34__605Photo Credit: Unknown

15. Coincidence? We Think Not

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-301__605Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

16. czeCHAIRlines or czecHAIRlines?

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-1-2__605Photo Credit: cleandean

17. Racist Book

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-4__605Photo Credit: Menno99

18. “This Is My Car And My Neighbor’s Car”

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-5__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Prime Example Of Ad Placement Error

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-55__605Photo Credit: whathaveyoudone22

20. These Two Just Shouldn’t Stand Together

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-3__605Photo Credit: AFeast

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