20 Hilariously Perfect Coincidences That Tell A Completely Different Story

1. I Think I’ll Come Back After ‘VAMPYR’ Leaves


Photo Credit: crypticaldude

2. That’s Shameless Alright

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-39__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Uh Oh…

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-26__605Photo Credit: dudejust

4. Cookie Monster!

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-35__605Photo Credit: norcal530

5. The Sign Made Me Do It!

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-52__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Everyone’s Got T-Swift Fever

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-31__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Just Another Corporate Lie For Your…

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-8__605Photo Credit: Loyallaughter

8. UFO Abduction Zone

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-6__605Photo Credit: forowned

9. Give Me Ice Cream!

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-25__605Photo Credit: Robertino_Loreti

10. Poopy Ad Placement… Kind Of Takes The MMM Out Of The Fabulous

funny-coincidence-placement-fails-41__605Photo Credit: vtcapsfan