People Playing With Clouds And Forced Perspective


Clouds have been a source of wonder for all of time. In fact, the first written record of people discussing clouds comes from as far back as 3,000 BC.  One cloud can look like 500 different things depending on who is looking at it and from what angle. Clouds can resemble a bird, a heart, or maybe even a pair of angel wings.

But what is a cloud really? Clouds are masses of frozen crystals or liquid droplets that contain water and a variety of chemicals. When it rains, snows, or hails the water falls directly from the clouds. Together these particles form, suspended 60,000 feet up out in the atmosphere in a variety of sizes and shapes.

When the sun sets and rises, red, orange, and pink clouds are likely to occur due to the light playing against the puffy clouds. Clouds are incredible, they make life on earth possible, offer shade from the sun, and are simply beautiful no matter what time of day they appear in the sky.

By taking photos just so, clouds and everyday items can look like they are one in the same, even though they are thousands of feet apart. Check out these pictures to see what I mean. You can have a whole lot of fun playing with clouds and forced perspective!


If you try hard enough, you can reach the clouds!


There are a few different types of clouds, the main types include cumulus, cirrus, and stratus. Cumulus clouds are the puffy ones that look like masses of cotton balls floating through the sky. Cirrus clouds are skinny, wispy and located higher up in the sky.  Stratus clouds appear flat, layered and without many defining features.

This man truly has the “magic touch” in his fingers…


Just like any product of nature, you can’t cage a cloud forever. So if you do get a cloud behind bars, be sure to take a picture, because it won’t last long.


From his trumpet billows a heavenly cloud for all to see.


The cloudiest place on earth is South Africa’s Prince Edward Islands, located in the Antarctic Indian Ocean. The place with the least amount of cloud coverage is Yuma, Arizona, also known as the sunniest place in the world.

May the force of the faceless wooden doll be with you!


A working smoke stake, or a trick on the eye?


This half dinosaur, half dragon blows clouds instead of fire.


Over one-million tons of water can live inside of one cloud. So while this girl looks like she is having the best day ever, holding a cloud up above her head, we sure hope that cloud doesn’t burst between her hands–!


The new way to eat low-fat ice cream!


This is what they mean by popin bottles.


The most harmless thing that has ever come out of this cannon!


Instead of painting the town, why not paint the sky?


This is such an ironic picture because spray paint cans are actually really bad for the environment. If we want to keep the clouds, and planet in general alive, it’s so important that we rethink the everyday items we use.


The clouds stand in as the leaves on this barren tree.


If only this crane was powerful enough to actually move the clouds–could you imagine?


Earth is not the only planet with clouds. Venus has very large clouds that are full of sulfur-dioxide. Jupiter and Saturn also have clouds, but here the clouds are made of ammonia. The clouds below might be made of stinky gas…

Excuse me, ate WAY too many beans this morning…


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Photo Credits: Horst Bernhart,, trynidada, Kees Terberg, Flea YanKeran Goldian,Chema Madoz, BernhartBernhart, Alex Stoen, Marty Hogan, Delacorr, Bernhart, Giulia Piu, kimdohee, reddit, scrame