People At This Festival Slept On Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet Above The Italian Alps


These self-proclaimed “slackers” have some serious guts, and a fetish for partying way up in the clouds. The International Highline Meeting Festival looks like one heck of an awesome festival, boasting views the biggest party mansions in the world can’t compete with. Tight ropes stretching across the Italian Alps in gorgeous Monte Piana hold the festival attendees up.

While hanging suspended in your own private hammock might not bring to mind thoughts of a festival, there are all the makings of a festival found at this get together. There is a bar, kitchen, and music jam sessions for attendees to enjoy together every night, as well as yoga workshops and tandem paraglide  flights.

Check out these incredible photos from this year’s epic festival fun!


And these aren’t just any tightropes; they are slack ropes, which is why the festival goers call themselves “slackers.” Due to the wobbly nature of the slack rope, it can move side to side as well as bounce up and down.

The Italian Alps are gorgeous beyond belief, but there is a deeper reason the festival is held at this location, where people come from far and wide to celebrate as one. The spot was selected not only for its beauty but because during World War I, 15000 young soldiers lost their lives right here, in Monte Piana.

On the festival website, the founders write, “We discovered this mountain as a perfect place for high lining and wanted to stimulate this historic place in a different and new way. During the war soldiers of our age killed each other and sorrow, hate, and fear dictated their daily life.”


It was during the winter that all of these soldiers were killed during WWI. That winter was full of terrible sounds, including gunshots, grief and death all ringing out through these beautiful mountains at once. The group of slackers feel that by coming here at the same time in the winter they are able to create a completely different scene to fill the sadness that once filled the land. The group writes on their website, it’s all about “happiness, teamwork, and a big passion for the mountains.”



The program is described as “simple” although suspended so high up in the air seems anything but simple–in fact, I’ve never quite heard of a festival like this one before! In general, attendees enjoy days full of highlining, infused with other fun activities. The events included are listed as:

-18 high lines suspended between 6 and 100 meters in length

-Fun team contests known as ‘highline competition.’

-Movies and other entertaining presentations while suspended on the slackline–okay this sounds like way too much fun!

-Yoga and acroYoga Workshops




Don’t go thinking these people are really “slackers.” In fact, this is considered an extreme sport, not only do they lounge around on the hanging hammocks, but they also walk across the tightropes with extreme skill and bravery.



If the Italian Alps are a bit far away for you to travel, there are other highline events held around the world. In fact, you could probably dig around and find somewhere near you where you could at least give the sport a try. It’s not for the faint of heart, but there is safety equipment used to prevent the risk of death due to one misstep.


Slackers that have been coming back for years attend right alongside the newbies, it’s a peace and love kind of place around here, where the views are stellar and the company kind.


Would you attend this festival? I’m tempted to say yes!

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