Impeccably Carved Pencil Tip Sculptures By Bosnian Artist


Many artists use pencils as a tool in their creations, either writing something or sketching out a drawing. Bosnian artist Jasenko Đorđević uses pencils as his actual art, carving the fine-tipped lead into amazing masterpieces you have to see to believe.

Đorđević employs a simple X-acto knife and a tiny chisel to create his carved pencil tip sculptures. He transforms tiny slivers of delicate lead into hands, faces, animals, and so much more. The detailing on such a small surface space is perhaps the most incredible component of all, resembling something made from charred wood or stone instead of a simple pencil tip.

Đorđević isn’t the only artist crazy enough to create carved pencil tip sculptures. In fact, he was inspired to do so after seeing similar work by Dalton Ghetti. Despite the fact these two artists use the same art medium Ghetti and Đorđević have completely different styles. Thus proving the options are endless when it comes to art, even when using something as small as the tip of a pencil.

Đorđević describes his favorite type of lead as “black lead.” He explains, “it is hard and fragile at the same time. One has to be very careful when working with black lead, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to its cracking.”