Artist Hand Cuts Paper Animals And Uses The Sky To Give Them Life


Paper can be used to create anything and everything depending on how creative you are willing to get. Artist Jo Chorny, also known as peaceofpaper1 on Instagram, hand cuts paper animals using a scalpel.

Chorny’s work is extraordinarily detailed and precise, making you forget you are looking at paper at all! Once finished with a particular hand cut paper animal Chorny has a preferred method of photographing it.

Chorny writes, “My favourite way of photographing my papercuts is to hold them against the sky; I love the dramatic effect this gives, and the variation of colours and textures in the sky as a backdrop. Plus this way you can see my intricate cutting more clearly.”

Chorny adds, “I also like the shadows that my pieces cast. I normally set them in a box frame, so the shadow appears on the back giving the papercut a great 3-D effect.”

Peace, Love & Quill Feathers

Elephant Love

Hand Cut Paper Crab Complete With Sun, Stars, Moon, Ocean & Earth

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-8__880Bird Paper Art

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-4__880Angel Wings

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-6__880Paper Barn Owl


Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-20__880A Deer And A Leaf

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-3__880Nicobar Pigeon

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-16__880Save The Rhino!

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-9__880Lion In A Leaf

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-__880The Juniper Tree- Grim Brothers

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-5__880Paper Chicken

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-19__880Eagle Spirit

Paper-art-created-by-Jo-Chorny-with-love-and-a-blade-14__880Check out Jo Chorny’s Instagram to see more amazing artwork formed from paper.

Photo Credits: Instagram

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