This Omusubi Kit Turns Rice Balls Into Yummy Kitties


Who wants to eat normal boring rice when you can eat rice balls shaped like cats? This amazing Omusubi kit allows you to make rice balls that look like stylized kitty faces. You have kitchen tool creator Earnest to thank for this purrfect invention that will make all of your wildest cat and rice dreams come true.

Known as the Omusubi Nyan kit, the Nyan stands for the sound of a cat meowing in Japanese. Onigiri or omusubi is a way to preserve rice, not to be confused with sushi, which originated as way to preserve fish. This form of rice is rather old school, dating all the way back to the 8th century.

Rice balls don’t have to be round. In fact, if you walk into any traditional Japanese grocery store you will find a variety of molds, many of which resemble hockey pucks, or triangles instead of perfectly round balls. The latest cat version of the classic rice ball is entirely new and taking the Internet by storm.

The pretty little cat rice balls you see here were made with the Omusubi Nyan kit, which comes with a variety of tools, including cat face molds, a fish and paw print, as well a seaweed cutter and a cutter mat. You can purchase the kit on Amazon and start impressing your feline-loving friends with the cutest rice balls in town.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-1The kit is super easy to use, simply pack the rice in the cat-shaped mold and press down so that the rice grains are tightly packed. The mold then drops out with a push of your finger producing the outline of a cat’s head.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-191If you want to add details to your rice-based cat you use the included cutters on a sheet of dried nori seaweed to create smiles, frowns, whiskers, and more.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-3Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-11You can then add these details to your rice ball and you’ve got the most stylish lunch in town.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-2Don’t want to waste any seaweed? Get creative with the leftovers and wrap them around the entire rice ball to change the color of your cat.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-18You can also use soy sauce to enhance your kitty.

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-4Buy your own Omusubi Nyan kit on Amazon!

Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-12Photo Credits: Amazon

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