20 Oddly Shaped Fruits And Veggies That Look Like Something Else


Sometimes you pick a cherry from the bag only to find it doesn’t look like a normal cherry. There’s always that occasional fruit or vegetable that doesn’t match up with their peers, maybe they are too small, too big or too oblong, or maybe they just look like a butterfly instead of a strawberry. Every once in a while nature gives us a super sweet gift, producing oddly shaped fruits or vegies that look like something else altogether.

Carrots are one of the most common oddly shaped vegetables but potatoes, radishes, and strawberries put up some pretty tough competition. Get ready to be amazed looking at these everyday foods that look like anything but dinner.

1. Strawberry Butterfly

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-30__605Photo Credit: whoisthismilfhere

2. Mother Child Hugging Veggies

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-16__605Photo Credit: kevorkian82

3. Angry Birds Coming To An Onion Aisle Near You

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-5__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Human Radish On The Move

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-7__605Photo Credit: DD1234567

5. This Funky Carrot Got Moves

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-3__605Photo Credit: Tatsputin

6. The Most Mystical Eggplant

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-105__605Photo Credit: boredboarder8

7. Quack-Quack, Duck-shaped Tomato

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-102__605Photo Credit: Rick

8. The Pouting Carrot…Does Anyone Carrot About Me At All?

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-2__605Photo Credit: obvincognito

9. Chicken Strawberry

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-34__605Photo Credit: Grove Farm

10. A Beary Good Potato

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-103__605Photo Credit: Geoff Robinson

11. I Like My Veggies Screaming For Their Life

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-18__605Photo Credit: howeeee 

12. Radish Shaped Like A Foot With Five Intact Toes ‘Stands’ On Display

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-8__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Owl Apple

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-111__605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Angry Monster Pickle Trapped At Bottom Of Jar

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-112__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. ‘Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls’

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-101__605Photo Credit: the2belo

16. Obvi, This Pumpkin Could Only Mean One Thing: The Dragons Are Coming This Halloween

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-110__605Photo Credit: uglypatty

17. This Lemon Thinks It’s A Banana

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-6__605Photo Credit: SombreroSC

18. Foot-shaped Carrot

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-21__605Photo Credit: Stuart Boulton

19. That Is One Sheep Potatoe

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-22__605Photo Credit: Unknown

20. This Broccoli Isn’t Afraid To Speak Its Mind

TiemposMafufosPhoto Credit: fungwahbus

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