22 Odd Animals That Are Stranger Than Fiction



It’s not unusual for genetic mutations to occur in humans or animals, especially since certain eye colors, hair colors, and freckles can be considered mutations. However, sometimes nature produces something really extraordinary, like in all the examples below. For the most part, the creatures are happy and healthy, and they’re all unique in their very own way.

1. Jarvis P. Weasley

Jarvis P Weasley, a cross-eyed cat, was abandoned by his owners on the side of the road. Luckily, an animal lover rescued him and nursed him back to health.


2. Sana Saida

This astounding calf was born in Morocco with two heads.


3. Giant Oarfish

The Giant Oarfish is the world’s longest bony fish. The one pictured below was found in California and is 18 feet long.


4. Ippo the Zonkey

This rare animal is exactly what it sounds like – a cross between a zebra and a donkey. It was created after a zebra climbed a fence to mate with an endangered donkey.


5. Frankenstein Rabbit

This rabbit was found in the wild and named for the growths on its face. Experts believe it’s infected with the papilloma virus.


6. Giant Pink Slugs

These pink slugs, found in a remote area in New South Wales, Australia, are colored a vivid bright pink.


7. Lilli

This Switzerland-born calf has become famous for her 2 extra legs.


8. Blue Lobsters

While they may look different, these lobsters are the same as any other. Their blue coloring is the result of a rare genetic defect.


9. Calico Lobsters

Lobsters can also have another type of rare coloring: calico.


10. Beyonce

This dachshund mix just might be the world’s smallest puppy. Named after the famous singer, she only weighed a mere ounce when she was born.


11. Insulamon Palawanense Crab

This species of freshwater crab from the Philippines was only recently discovered. It’s characterized by a bright neon color.


12. Leaf Chameleon

The tiny leaf chameleon is found on an island off the coast of Madagascar. Its appearance mimics a dead leaf.


13. Polydactyl Cats

Polydactyl cats are born with an unusual number of toes on at least one of their paws. The one pictured here has 20!


14. Purple Squirrel

This squirrel was recently found in Pennsylvania. Its purple hue made it an instant sensation.


15. Cyclops Albino Shark

This shark was sliced from the belly of another shark off the Gulf of California. As crazy as it looks, scientist claim that it likely wouldn’t have survived outside the womb.


16. Oriental Yeti

This strange-looking creature emerged from the woodlands in remote central China. Scientists are trying to determine what king of animal it is.


17.Strawberry Crab

True to its name, this crustacean looks like a strawberry. It’s a relatively new species, and was found near Taiwan.


18. Cat Ba Leopard Gecko

The Cat Ba Leopard Gecko was found in Vietnam and sports a pair of stunning eyes.


19. Conjoined Diamondback Rattlesnakes

These snakes were found in Arizona and taken to a vet to be separated. They saved the life of one but, unfortunately, the lame twin didn’t survive.


20. 2-Nosed Rabbit

This bunny, born in Connecticut, sports two noses.  Other than the slight deformity, it’s apparently completely healthy.


21. 770 Lb. Stingray

This enormous stingray was found in Thailand. It was released after, but still made for an amazing sight.


22. Waitaha Penguin

This species of New Zealand penguin was thought to be extinct but shocked scientists when it was re-discovered in 2008.