15 Things Only People Obsessed With Sleeping Will Understand


Do you loathe the sound of your alarm going off in the morning, and look forward to the weekend simply because it means you get to sleep in? Is “sorry I’m busy” code for “sorry I’m napping”? Do you doze off into lala land the moment your head hits the pillow? If you said yes to any of these questions you clearly love to sleep.

Sleep is good for your health, it increases your beauty and it’s the perfect time to bond with your cat. Sleep also erases all troubles and tedious thoughts about work, your ex, or looming bills. Sleep is necessary for life but it is also a blessing.

Lingvistov has created these 15 adorable doodles that only people obsessed with sleeping will truly understand.

Things People Who Love To Sleep Truly Understand

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand-2You firmly believe sleep and exercise are equally important.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand4__880Me, get out of bed? No, no, no, no, NO.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand6__880The best feeling in the world = not having to set your alarm for the next day.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand13__880Anytime before noon is not a good time for you.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand1__880Holidays come much sooner when you sleep a lot.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand3__880You count how many hours of sleep you are going to get before passing out each night.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand12__880Clinomania is a real disorder you suffer from.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand8__880You wish you were a cat so you could spend most of your day sleeping without getting evicted.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand11__880Those days when your coffee needs coffee and you’re still heading back to bed.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand10__880You have actually told people you are “good at sleeping,” and maybe even felt a little proud of your skills.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand5__880What’s life without dreams?

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand2__880Sleeping sounds like the best option pretty much always.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand15__880The more you sleep the more you want to sleep, #truelife.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand14__880No amount of coffee will ever make you a morning person.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand9__880You excitedly plan days you will stay in bed all day.

18-Things-People-Who-Love-To-Sleep-Truly-Understand7__880Photo Credits: lingvistov.com

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