20 Newly Hatched Baby Chameleons At Sydney Zoo Cause Cuteness Overload


These small green chameleons are veiled chameleons; a breed that is native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They do use their color changing powers to camouflage, but more often they change color as a result of temperature changes, stress and courtship.

They use their long, sticky tongues to capture prey, which mostly consists of plants and insects. The chameleons tongue can project 1.5 times its entire body length. The hatchlings recently started using their long tongues to feed on crickets.


Chameleons are always alert to nearby people, predators and food because they have crazy cool eyes that allow them to look forward and backward at the same time. They also have zygodactyls feet so that they can easily cling to branches as they make a life way up in the trees.


Michael McFadden, the reptile supervisor at the Taronga Zoo said, “Veiled chameleons are a visually amazing species that we’re fortunate to have at Taronga. While they’re not endangered, they do play an important educational role in helping us to get people excited about reptiles and reptile conservation.”