New Winter Fox Photos By Roeselien Raimond


Our readers can’t get enough of beautiful fox photos–and neither can I! Thanks to Dutch nature photographer, Roeselien Raimond, we now have even more beautiful winter fox photos to awe over.

Where Roeselien lives, snow is a rather rare occurrence, which makes these photos of foxes covered in white winter snow all the more special. Enjoy looking at these gorgeous photos and learning more about the photographer and artist behind the camera.


In an interview with Bored Panda Roeselien said, “While the whole world is being absorbed in blankness and the sound of my shutter is muffled by the steadily falling snow, a red fox suddenly appears on stage. She embellishes my white canvas so perfectly. Never had I been happier with a little touch of red in my color palette.”


Roeselien loves taking photographs of foxes, after all they are one of her favorite animals, alongside cats. It is the depth and uniqueness of each fox that appeals to the photographer and artist. She says, “Every fox is an individual character.” She admits that will some are elusive, cheeky, playful or spontaneous, others can be a bit boring.



Roeselien also adores the unpredictable nature of foxes. When she sets out to take photos she never knows what they are going to be up to. They might be hunting, swimming, playing, or sleeping, or they might be completely out of sight all together some days. Roeselien says, “That’s exactly what continuously challenges me to immerse myself in their intriguing doings.”


All of the foxes that Roeselien photographs are wild. Foxes are thought of as nocturnal, shy creatures, but Roeselien says this has nothing to do with nature, and instead has everything to do with humans hunting them and giving them reason to be afraid. She believes that once foxes are no longer hunted they will start to live closer to people.

To further prove her point Roeselien shares, “In the area I’m visiting, hunting isn’t allowed and dogs, cyclists and cars are prohibited. Thus, there is no threat for them at all and some foxes lose their elusiveness.”



Instead of using food to lure foxes in her direction, Roeselien prefers to capture more natural moments. She doesn’t want the foxes to notice her or pay her any attention. Instead, she works to hide herself within their environment so that she can capture those special, uninterrupted fox moments.

Red fox (vulpes vulpes) crossing a frozen lake

This is Roeselien’s favorite photo (below), taken on an intensely snow day when she could hardly see 2-feet in front of her. It seemed impossible to capture a good photo, until this gorgeous fox appeared out of nowhere.

Roeselien describes the moment; “She looked so calm and at ease and just the sight of this magical creature made me forget about all inconveniences and immediately brought some warmth back in my body.”




Roeselien’s passion is capturing nature photography, although she admits it’s not easy to make a living taking nature photos these days. She explains that her photos are sold as stock and fine art, as well as published in international magazines. Still, it takes a lot of added creativity to find ways to make more reliable forms of income, such as teaching workshops on photography or post processing.




Roeselien takes inspiring pictures, and she is also an inspiring individual. “Creativity, nature and people have always been the most important aspects of my life and I’m always trying to find a perfect combination. As long as I can be creative, feel the grass under my feet and smell the fresh air and preferably share this with some pleasant company, I’m fine!”




Red fox (vulpes vulpes) enjoys rolling in the snow

Thanks for taking such amazing photographs, Roeselien!

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Photo Credits: roeselienraimond.comFacebook500px