This Couple’s Cat Thinks The New Baby Crib Was Put Together For Him


One couple with a baby on the way got quite a surprise after putting together the new baby crib. Their 20-pound cat Finn thinks the lovely new crib is for him and him only.

The soon-to-be dad posted on Bored Panda, “Finn is almost a 20 pound cat so the fact that he can clear the side rail of the crib is pretty amazing in itself. I’d say maybe once a week I find him laying in there in the morning and to say he looks comfortable would be an understatement.”

A few weeks ago his wife called him into the nursery, and of course there was Finn living it up in the pink adorned baby crib. The couple has been working to discourage the cat’s behavior but they couldn’t resist how cute he looked chilling on his backside surrounded by puffy pillows and soft blankets.

Finn’s dad writes, “My wife called me into the nursery a few days ago and even though we are trying to discourage the behavior I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures before taking him out.”

1106__880Who could resist this adorable plump cat? Looks like Finn is going to make the puuurrfect big brother, after all he’s already busy keeping the crib warm for the baby.

funny-cat-sleeps-baby-crib-finny-zoe-3Photo Credits: Bored Panda

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