18 Things You Should Never Do Abroad… You’ve Been Warned

India: PDA, such as hand holding and kissing, is considered highly inappropriate and forbidden in public.
Mexico: Locals like to make jokes that are lighthearted and fun, so don’t take anything too seriously.
Turkey: The sign for ‘OK’ is an inappropriate gesture in Turkey that means something much different than ‘OK.’
Ireland: Locals don’t think they have an accent, so why confuse them?
Kenya: Calling someone by their first name is only acceptable after they call you by your first name.
Singapore: Eating on public transportation is gross just admit it. In Singapore you should also avoid feeding the birds, throwing garbage or spitting in the street.
Italy: You can order a cappuccino at lunch or dinner but only if you want to stand out. Italians only drink cappuccinos for breakfast.
China: Clocks and umbrellas are seen as bad luck when given as a present.

Photo Credits: globelink.co.uk