Nature Turns Disaster Site into a Hidden Beach in Mexico

Hidden Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

As humans, we have committed countless acts against our planet in the pursuit of “science” and “testing”. But this secluded paradise goes to show you, that given the time, where there was once tragedy and devastation, mother nature can take and mold it into something beautiful again.

This my friends, is how Nature turns a disaster site into a Hidden beach in mexico :

About 40 miles off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico lies the breathtakingly serene Marietas Islands. Formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity, the Marietas Islands are a group of uninhabited isles teeming with awe-inspiring views and an abundantly diverse marine life.

However, in the early 1900’s taking full advantage of it’s “uninhabited” status, The Mexican government began using the lush isles as a military testing site. And of course by military testing i mean blowing shit up.
The hidden beach of Marieta Islands
For decades the Mexican government allowed the military to conduct countless bomb tests trying to see, I don’t know, which ones made the loudest BOOM or the prettiest color of fiery red? Whatever their reasoning were, the result of their trigger-happy boom buttons left massive holes in the island, creating caves systems and rock formations.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s when massive up roar came from the international communities, did something get done about it. A group of collective individuals led by scientist Jacques Cousteau pushed back against the government asking them to cease their malicious activities on the beautiful Islas Marietas.

After much reluctance, the government caved in and stopped using the site for military testing. They even went a step further and deemed the islands a national park, protecting it from fishing, hunting and any other types of harmful human activities.

After all the explosions subsided and the islands were given some time to collect themselves and you know “figure things out,” a very different picture started being seen out of the rubble and carnage that was left. Along with washing out debris and smoothing over some edges, the tide also brought in sand.


Painting with each brush stroke, the waves cascaded out and in the caverns, each time bringing back with them, a bit more of a shore, until finally a hidden beach was formed.

Out of the wreckage, nature still manages to find beauty in devastation.

Though getting to this secluded beach isn’t the easiest task and most likely will not be for the normal tourist goer. Permits are required to get there and once you get a boat to take you to the islands visitors must swim through an underwater tunnel opening up to the beautiful and secluded Hidden Beach of mexico.

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