Mom Goes To Check On Her Baby And You Have To See Who She Finds Napping With Her


When you go to check on your baby during naptime you expect to find him or her all alone with just their pillows and blankets. But when Kristin Leigh Rhynehart went to check on her napping baby she found her daughter Addison had some rather unexpected company.

Kristin, who lives in North Carolina, adopted a rescue dog named Raven over 10-years ago, and all these years later he still delivers so much joy into her life, and the life of her new bundle of joy. In fact, Raven the rescue dog is exactly who mom found napping with her baby.

Raven was fully under the covers with head on the pillow beside Addison, like two pees in a pod, two siblings meant to be.

The sweet video was originally posted to YouTube for the world to see. Kristin wrote, “People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee. 10 years ago I left a rescue with this little guy and I often wonder…who rescued who? I gave him a home, but he gave me so, so much more.”

rescued-dog-sleeping-baby-girl-crib-15Just proves how much adopting a dog can change your life for the better even 10-years after you sign those adoption papers. So what are you waiting for? Go make some dog’s day and adopt him or her… and you’ll be repaid over the years in endless smiles, laughs and happiness. Your future baby may someday even thank you… you never know!

Watch the full video originally posted to YouTube Here:

Photo Credits: YouTube

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