Nap Desk Converts Into Bed So You Can Comfortably Sleep At Work


Regardless what time it is or how much sleep you got the night before there are just certain days when you feel too tired to go on. Perhaps your computer screen starts to look a little fuzzy and nothing much is getting done, it’s in these moments that a short nap could make all the difference in the world. Greek design company Studio NL has the perfect solution: a desk that easily converts into a bed.

The nap desk offers you the perfect little bed beneath your work desk. It is created so that the top of the desk slides forward allowing someone else to actually continue working while you get some shuteye… so long as the clicking sound from the keyboard won’t keep you awake. This is an ideal set up for work teams trying to get a project done on a tight deadline.

It’s said that around 3:00 pm we could all use a nap, even if you are no longer a small child. This bed offers every grown up the chance to catch some ZZZ’s without ever leaving work. While this nap desk is currently just a prototype we really hope it comes to fruition… not so that we can stay at work longer, but just so that we can sleep at work more often!

nap-desk-studio-nl-greece-2No one wants to worry about making a bed before clients (or your boss) comes into your office. No need to worry, the bed doesn’t have to stay out in plain view, when not in use the sides close up so that your secret sleeping chamber remains as hidden as Harry Potter’s bedroom beneath the stairs.

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