Mr. Bean Inserted Into Historical Portraits By Caricature Artist


Artist Rodney Pike has chosen to do something pretty cool with the famous face of Rowan Atkinson. Known best for playing the comedic character Mr. Bean, Atkinson can now say that he has been a big part of history.

Talented caricature artist, Rodney Pike inserted Atkinson’s face in place of some other famous people from the past, creating something historically hilarious! Pike uses all digital editing to create these portraits, for all you classic art fans, rest assured he never touches original works of art.

Check out some of the laugh-inducing collection here.


In an interview with Bored Panda, Pike admitted to using Rowan Atkinson in his photo-manipulations for some 3 or 4 years. The comedian explains that Pike is one of his favorite models to use, “He’s lots of fun!”  We agree, there is just something about that dynamic face that looks so funny inserted into anything.

Male or female, there are no gender boundaries to Pike’s creativity. While Atkinson doesn’t make for the most beautiful lady, he does make a very funny one–especially when you can see his chin stubble!


Since Atkinson is known for his bazaar, and very out there performances, it just works to use him in these photos. In Pike’s own words, “The concept isn’t much different from Atkinson’s. (Both) are simply absurd.”

Pike is very good at picking just the right expression for each altered portrait. The expression selected completely alters the mood and message of the portrait entirely, almost so that these famous works of art remain unrecognizable… almost.


UK-based, Rowan Atkinson is 50-years old and has a surprising background in electrical engineering. Although thanks to his comedic talents his life took him down a far different path. In 1980 he scored his first role in the series Not the One O’Clock News, this show was a spoof on British history.

While this unique, and rather ahead of its time show did become a hit around the world, Atkinson was not able to make it on the American comedy scene as a big star, not yet at least. Atkinson created the Mr. Bean character for a popular sitcom in the UK, and in 1997 this same odd-ball character was given his own feature film, at which point the US finally fell in love with Atkinson, also known as Mr. Bean.

Atkinson has been in a number of other films as well, including Scooby-Doo, Blackadder, Johnny English Reborn, and The Lion King– he played the voice of Zazu!


If you are trying to locate the deeper meaning behind these pieces of artwork, you won’t find much. Pike makes all of these creations purely for fun, and he can’t even believe that he is paid to do something that he enjoys so throughly.

Wondering how Pike creates all of these perfectly edited images? His go-to program is Photoshop CC, which he uses for all of his work. He lists his number one tools as, “the standard warp tool and upper warp.”


Rodney Pike considers himself a Humorous Illustrator, and his work is purchased by many different clients, including books and magazines. His work is not all based on history, nor does he always insert one face over another. Instead he touches on a wide range of topics, and uses a number of different techniques to manipulate photos. Sometimes he picks on well known actors, other times he goes for the President.


Sometimes he uses his photoshop skills to expand someones’ ears, or cheeks, or in the case of one Featured Illustration of Donald Trump, expand the head and puffy comb-over to hysterical heights.


Take a peek through Pike’s website to see a large array funny digital caricatures using many different familiar faces.

Photo Credits: rodenypike.comFacebook500px, Bored Panda