DreamWorks Animator Bakes Amazing Movie-Inspired Cupcakes


Some sweet treats are hard to eat, simply because taking that first bite means destroying something cute enough to keep forever… if only it wouldn’t eventually spoil and rot!

Fernanda Abarca is a DreamWorks animator with a serious talent for baking movie-inspired cupcakes from your favorite fairytales. Her realistic cupcakes, cakes and sugar sculptures are almost too cute to eat, but after one bite you’ll be hooked.

Not only are Abarca’s cupcakes adorable they are also delectable! Her online cake boutique, Fernanda Abarca Cakes, mostly caters to the entertainment industry.

Abarca is a pretty big deal. Her animations have been featured in some of the most popular DreamWorks films, including Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.


While some of Abarca’s complex cakes rely on wire armature and fondant, others are 100% edible.


Abarca’s 3D masterpieces have earned a lot of attention. People Magazine even published a fun tutorial on how to make your own super cute Toothless Cupcake.


Through her website, Abarca offers numerous tutorials on how to make awesome animated treats, as well as other yummy must-haves, such as homemade Cadbury eggs that will make your mouth water for days just looking at the photos.



Learn how Abarca created her Jack Frost sweet treats here.

It took some time to get the Jack Frost design just right. Abarca explains that the weight of the piece was causing the edible treat to tip right over.

Thanks to her awesome occupation, Abarca was able to talk with talented sculptor Daniel Williams for advice. He said she simply needed to braid the wires so that they were strong enough to support the partially edible structure.







Fernanda Abarca Cakes is a unique online cake boutique that offers custom cakes and cupcakes to the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Even if you are not in the entertainment industry you can still order her custom made creations to jazz up your next birthday party, baby shower, or any special event.



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