Moss People Sculptures Bring Nordic Fairy-Tales to Life

moss people

Photo Credit: Kim Simonsson,

Sculptor Kim Simonsson molds these amazing Moss People sculptures that look as though they’ve stepped out of Nordic fairy-tales and right into our own world. The earthy ceramic pieces were inspired by dark Nordic storytelling tradition stemming from H.C. Andersen’s fairy-tales and Edvard Munch’s paintings. Coating the sculptures with moss reminds the artist of moss-covered flagstones in a park near his house in Fiskars village in Finland, Simonsson said.

“My sculptures are usually very sleek and smooth. Pieces at Moss People are rougher and more personal. You can see my handprint in them,” he told TL mag. “The nylon coating also works well when the surface of the sculpture is slightly coarser and you can see that it’s handmade.”


For this particular series Simonsson applied this fantastical aesthetic to the intriguing children and forest creatures. The beautiful result is a collection made up of five installations that represent several juxtapositions. There’s the contrast between the earthy, moss-like nylon and almost-alien figures behind this vibrant coating. You’ll also notice an element of childlike innocence which is skillfully weaved with a darker theme. The entire exhibition is especially mesmerizing, requiring viewers to think about the relationships between each element.


If you’d like to see these magical works up close, you can visit New York’s Jason Jacques Gallery until October 28th.