Moon Glass Reveals Different Lunar Phases While You Drink


If you love the moon you need a Moon Glass, the first mug capable of duplicating the lunar phases of the moon. Korean company Tale designed these creative cups with a perfectly shaped bulge located on the inside of each ceramic cup. As a result, every sip you take reveals a new phase of the lunar cycle.

If you go with the black cups you will want to drink something white or opaque in color to get the most out of the awesome effect. The perfect drinks for the black cups include milk or nigori-zake, an unfiltered Japanese rice wine that has a cloudy appearance. If you are a devoted black coffee or tea drinker there are white cups available as well.

Depending on if you want a small or large cup, prices for two-piece sets range between $24 and $30.

When you first pour your beverage inside all looks normal, just like a full moon in a cup. Yet, as you begin to sip from your drink the many phases of the moon begin to reveal themselves, starting with a half moon and then moving to crescent moon.

moon-glass-cup-lunar-phases-tale-design-korea-2moon-glass-cup-lunar-phases-tale-design-korea-8moon-glass-cup-lunar-phases-tale-design-korea-9moon-glass-cup-lunar-phases-tale-design-korea-4Photo Credits: tale-design.comFacebook

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