Monster Boxes Made To Protect Geeky Travelers Around The World


Tired of having the same exact navy blue, red or black luggage as everyone else at the airport? The Fine Line Workshop in Pennsylvania has invented the coolest travel accessory to hit the industry in a long time… snappy leather ‘monster boxes.’ People might stare, but no one is going to mess with you if you are spotted walking through the airport with one of these bad boy monster boxes in hand.

Each monster box is hand-made with sculpted leather wrapped over a wooden box. Vivid accessories, such as fake teeth, glass eyes and detailed paint bring the luggage to life, transforming ordinary travel bags into adorably fierce monsters.


Mellie Z is the leading artist behind the monster boxes, as well as all of the other leather artwork created by Fine Line Workshop, all of which rely heavily on fantasy and RPG elements.

The artist refers to the big-eyed chests as “mimics,” a type of Dungeons and Dragons monster that pretends to be a treasure chest in order to trick travelers to approach it. Fine Line has referenced other awesome creatures from popular media in their products as well, including The Luggage from Discworld books, and the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter.


If you’ve ever struggled to find your luggage in a never-ending loop of nearly identical suitcases, you know how much easier it will be to identify a monster box.


These travel boxes are so cute they almost look like they are alive! Plus, with so many different sizes there is something for everyone. Due to the popularity of this item it’s currently a little tricky to place an order.







The Fine Line Workshop doesn’t just make monster boxes; they also offer other fun leather products that rely on fantastical themes.


Have fun geeking out on all of the Fine Line’s goods via their official Etsy shop!

Photo Credits: finelineleatherdesign.comEtsyFacebook