This Mom Sews Spot-On Disney Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear At Disney World



Lane Rouch might be the luckiest 3-year old in the whole wide world. This adorable little princess has had some of the coolest experiences ever at the happiest place on earth. Lane lives in Florida near Walt Disney World, and practically considers the park her home away from home.

Lane has her mother to thank, Jennifer Rouch has a true talent and passion for creating spot on Disney-inspired costumes. As a result, her daughter Lane looks like the real deal whenever she visits Disney World.  Mom employs a host of creative thinking, visiting many thrift shops in order to find exactly what she needs for each costume.

Not only does Jennifer enjoy sewing elaborate costumes, but she is also a big-time Disney fan. And so of course, little Miss. Lane has annual passes to the park, meaning her and her perfectly adorable costumes regularly make an appearance. In fact, mom and dad take Lane to the happiest place on earth once every week!!

Beauty and the Beast 


Jennifer Rouch says of taking her daughter to Disney, ““We wanted her to not be crippled by shyness, so we took her to a place where a kid could feel happy and safe to dream and play and be themselves or anyone they want to be.”

Cinderella Plants A Kiss 


The Little Mermaid 

The most perfect dress ever for meeting Ariel and Eric.


Now don’t they just look like a perfect little Disney family, and check out that big tiffany blue bow… so cute!


If you are a big fan of the Little Mermaid you will LOVE this Little-Mermaid themed wedding! 

Watch Out Wendy, This Little Lady Just Stole Peter Pan’s Heart! 


As a devout Disney fan myself, I know I would awe at this adorable girl trotting around the park wearing a grin and the most perfect costume. Then again, who wouldn’t?! It’s no wonder why Lane has received so much attention from Disney staff, granting this sweetheart many dreamy opportunities.

The Next Member of The Main Street Confectionery 

Lane has been invited to many events at the park for special occasions. In October she was invited along with the Main Street Confectionery crew to hang out at Magic Kingdom. Since the candy shop is one of her favorites, she already had the perfect dress to wear; the candy shop’s bright yellow uniform of course!

At the event she had a blast eating candy with the crew, as well as enjoying a Magical Moment making Mickey Rice Krispie treats with the team.


The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Lane sporting her perfect Nightmare Before Christmas inspired dress to the Magic Kingdom’s Halloween party this year. The first thing she had to do was visit Sally and Jack Skellington. I can’t get enough of her upright pigtails.



Tarzan and Jane



Magical Meeting with Jasmine and Aladdin 



I’m Not Afraid of You Cruella de Vil! 

Loving this 101 Dalmatians inspired attire.



Hanging With Snow White 

On her blog Jennifer writes of this special day in October, “Lane wore her new Snout White ‘rags’ dress to Disney today. She even had a couple little bird friends to join her. And of course, she had to visit the wishing well.”



Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

This little girl is the real deal! Lane conjured her inner Honey Lemon while visiting Baymax and Hiro at Hollywood Studios.



Play Time with Marry Popins 


Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell 


Princess Leia

Lane channels her inner galactic powers in her Princess Leia costume.




Can’t get enough of this adorable Disney diva? You can follow Lane on Instagram (ferdalump), along with her other 127,000+ followers! Her Instagram includes over 900 adorable posts, each one highlighting Lane’s adventures , primarily at Disney World.

Belle Meets Her Prince 


Photo Credits: mydisneydaze.tumblr.comInstagram