Mom With 4 Children Loves To Make Creative Sunny Side Up Eggs


What do you usually have for breakfast, a bowl of cold cereal, or a plain bagel and cream cheese? According to a survey conducted by ABC News, cold cereal is the most popular breakfast item in America, with 31% of people eating it each morning. 2 out of 10 individuals eat eggs, and a little more than 1 out of 10 eat a bagel, muffin, pastry, or toast.

Looking to add a little spice to your routine sunny side up eggs, toast, bacon, and oatmeal? While there are plenty of options for breakfast, they generally look about the same, no matter if you prepare scrambled eggs at home or go to your local cafe. But for one mom in Hong Kong the usual just won’t do.

Meet Anne Widya, a mother of 4 with a special artistic talent for making some awesome sunny side up eggs, alongside other breakfast staples. Anne enjoys making these fun breakfast creations so very much she even wakes up extra early on many occasions to prepare the food art. Lucky for her kids they get a visually appealing breakfast before heading off to school each morning. Enjoy drooling over some of her best breakfast platters below.

Sunny Side Up Pig Head 


Anne lives in a region of Hong Kong called Tuen Mun. The crafty cooking mom regularly updates her Facebook with photos of her cute kids enjoying her adorable creations. Just yesterday she posted a photo of her son Andrew with the caption, “Good morning. Not so sleepy today Andrew.” This is one way to get kids waking up, a delicious well-rounded breakfast with creativity at its core.

Sunny Side Up Flower 

The perfect plate for a romantic Valentine’s Day! All men out there, take notes!


Sunny Side Up Moon Overlooking The Ocean 

Dolphins leaping, ships sailing, apple-style seaweed growing, and a perfect moon made of eggs. Bon a petit!


In a post submitted to Bored Panda by Anne herself, she adds that if the kids are still hungry after eating their picture perfect food, more is always available in the kitchen–but perfectly sculpted artwork is not guaranteed for second helpings!

Sunny Side Up “Hello” Pig Head Window 

A little comedy atop a road made of grapes. And how appropriate, the pig’s legs are made of sausages!


Sunny Side Up With A Hint Of Clouds 


Anne doesn’t just make incredible edible eggs, her Facebook also highlights other treasured delicacies created with a whole lot of creativity. Like an Apple pie covered in perfectly raised hearts, or apples cut out in the shape of wide-mouthed faces. Cappuccino, cookies, and more are turned into out of this world designs in the Widya household!

Anne uploads a recipe for all of the pretty detailed foods she posts online via her blog. Her recipes include how to make your own portraits using fruits, veggies, eggs, and other foods.

Sunny Side Up Bunny Blanket 

This is what all kids (and adults) wish they were doing while eating their breakfast before school or work, sleeping snuggled up tight!


Sunny Side Up Heart Roof 

Eggs and toast make the perfect little house, lit up by the rays of the orange-colored sun.


Sunny Side Up Butterfly Wings 


Sunny Side Up Love Birds 


Did you know 39% of Americans have eaten cold pizza for breakfast at some point or other? Perhaps even more nutritionally disturbing, 4 out of 10 adults skips eating breakfast each day. It’s no joke; breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Are you having troubles making it to breakfast? Perhaps getting someone to prepare an artsy feast each morning would help! If that’s not plausible, it’s time to move to Hong Kong and beg Anne to adopt you.


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