This One Comic Explains Modern Art


Have you ever looked at a modern painting and thought, I could so do that! You’re not alone, many abstract paint-splattered creations look simple enough for a child to create, and yet they are sold for sky-high prices in fancy galleries. You start to wonder, is there something more to this that I’m just not seeing…?

Some forms of modern art appear to require far more talent than others, but regardless it’s difficult to keep track of all the different types and classifications. There’s pointillism, impressionism, surrealism, cubism, futurism, pop, minimalism, postmodern, and so forth. Hilarious comic creator John Atkinson, you might know him as the man behind the Wrong Hands comic, is here to tell you what’s really up when it comes to modern art and all of its different forms.

Since many people love and appreciate modern art, Atkinson is careful not to tread over any toes. His comic explains modern art in a very tasteful way, and while some may call it a bit ‘over the top,’ many others will agree his depiction isn’t very far off at all.

Here is the single comic that explains modern art. Drumroll please….

modern-art-simplified-comic-guide-john-atkinson-wrong-hands-1Photo Credits: wronghands1, FacebookTwitter (h/t: Bored Panda)

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