This Family’s Water Kept Going Missing…So They Set Up A Camera. You Gotta See What It Caught!



A family in Colorado were completely puzzled when water started to go missing from a barrel kept in their backyard. They had no idea where it could be going. They weren’t using it, and there was no way that that much water was evaporating in one day. They were completely stumped but wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. After refilling the barrel yet again, the family placed a camera outside to record what was causing the water to disappear.

Nothing happened on the camera at first, the bucket remaining plenty full and no approaching creatures in sight.


After some time though, a bear came into view and headed straight for the barrel of water. They were unsure of what he was doing there but curious to see what would happen next.


Once he reached the barrel, the bear stuck his nose inside without hesitation. They were astonished at first, not quick to believe that the bear was drinking all the water in one sitting. But then things started to piece together.


The bear pulled his snout out of the barrel and proceeded to dip himself into the water. The water spilled out from the top of the bucket with the added volume of the large animal, leading the family to realize something…


The bear hadn’t been drinking the water at all. He had been bathing in it.


He was completely comfortable and at ease in the bucket, treating it as his own personal tub and splashing water all around. It didn’t take long for the surrounding ground to become soaked. No wonder the barrel had been emptied out each day!


Usually seeing a bear this close to humans could be pretty intimidating. While they may resemble your favorite stuffed animal, they’re definitely not tame creatures. But you have to admit, this bathing bear is absolutely adorable. And I’m sure the owners of the barrel weren’t too upset – it’d be difficult to stay angry at that cute fur ball for long!