“Missing Cat” Found Near His Missing Cat Poster


A missing cat poster is a sad sight, whenever I see one I worry greatly for the safety of the advertised animal. Thankfully, some cat owners get a happy ending when their missing cat returns home, just like the person who originally posted this ‘Missing Cat’ poster to the front of their house.

As it appears, this sneaky kitty in the window isn’t actually missing anymore at all, instead he’s standing like a magician in front of his own missing poster.

Reddit user Kodibramble originally posted the photo, which has now gone viral, with the caption, “My friend walked past this house today…”

missing-cat-poster-found-next-6Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s unknown if the cat in the picture was ever really missing, if he’s still missing but has a twin living back at home, or if it’s all just some big joke. Interestingly, one year before this image showed up someone else posted a suspiciously similar looking cat posing near a rather similar missing sign in what could be the same part of town.

DfJXP2RPhoto Credit: Imgur

Imgur users are having a field day commenting on this picture, saying things like: “They’re too busy on Imgur and they can’t see their cat from their computer.” And, “What if that’s the neighbor cat?” Or, a rather depressing alternative: “Plot twist. Cat is dead. Captured its ghost on camera.”

missingcatposterWe will let you be the judge of this missing cat mystery!

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