18 Adorable Dogs With Their Mini-Me Puppies

10. Nothing Like A Mother’s Love


Photo Credit: Fyrelight 

11. No Need To Fear, Big Mamma Nasa Is Here

dogs-and-puppies-23__700Photo Credit: escimages

12. Proud Father With His Mini-Me Son

dogs-and-puppies-13__700Photo Credit: consonantalo

13. “So my bulldog seems to be pretty proud of his son”

dogs-and-puppies-12__700Photo Credit: STARER_OF_CAMELTOES

14. Like Father, Like Son… This Little Guy Wants To Be Just Like His Daddy

dogs-and-puppies-6__700Photo Credit: hitcha

15. Pure Bliss

dogs-with-their-babies-110__700Photo Credit: Farhad Ghaderi

16. Meet Jameson And Remington… Twins Much?

dogs-and-puppies-15__700Photo Credit: ImFiction

17. Snuggle Time!

dogs-and-puppies-20__700Photo Credit: Unknown

18. A Parent’s Promise: No Matter What Happens I’ve Got Your Back

dogs-with-their-babies-109__700Photo Credit: Sanna Sodergreu

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