18 Adorable Dogs With Their Mini-Me Puppies

1. Nothing Like A Happy Family


Photo Credit: PeterFoldberg

2. Pitbull Mommy With Baby Proves Baby Has A Lot Of Growing To Do!

dogs-and-puppies-1__700Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Puppy Looking For Some Loving From Tired Mommy

dogs-with-their-babies-107__700Photo Credit: baggybulldogs

4. The Cutest Pack Of Puppy Bums EVER

dogs-with-their-babies-113__700Photo Credit: louiebaur

5. Peekaboo! Golden Father & Son

dogs-and-puppies-16__700Photo Credit: pluckee 

6. Husky With Tiny Little Babe <3

dogs-and-puppies-21__700Photo Credit: glennannan

7. Being A Good Mommy Is Hard Work But It’s So Worth It

dogs-and-puppies-19__700Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Father And Son… Can You Tell?! Look At Those Tongues!

dogs-and-puppies-8__700Photo Credit: Unknown

9. One Big Wrinkle Made All Of These Cute Little Wrinkles

dogs-and-puppies-14__700Photo Credit: gabbitronn