It Might Look Like A Normal Stack Of Firewood, But When You Step Closer…WHOA!


When taking a walk through the woods, you expect to see a lot of different things: twittering birds, fragrant flowers, towering trees….

However, I’m sure you would never expect to stumble upon anything like this fantastic wooden structure.

While it may simply look like a large stack of logs from afar, it’s actually something so much more impressive.

As you take a closer look at the wooden stack, you may notice a few odd things: the log pile is almost too symmetrical, there’s straight lines embedded in the surface, and something is just off.


Well, that’s because those logs serve as a cabin, perfectly camouflaged with its forest surroundings.


Located near the town of Hilversum in the Netherlands, the log structure belongs to Hans Liberg, a Dutch musician and comedian.


Contrary to its woodsy appearance, Liberg primarily uses the space as a studio and recording room. It was created by popular furniture designer, Piet Hein Eek, who’s known for using recycled materials in his works.



For what appears to be a mere pile of logs, the cabin is incredibly neat. Its unique construction features many impressive aspects that set it apart from traditional log cabins you might be used to seeing. The structure has sliding glass windows that can be hidden into their wooden exterior when closed. But, when open, they fill the entire space with natural light.




The interior is painted a blue hue, with no wooden logs in sight. It’s also very organized, with floor to ceiling storage that maximizes functionality.




And, if that isn’t all impressive enough, the entire structure is set on wheels, meaning it can pretty much roll just about anywhere.


While the cabin may primarily be used for musical purposes, given its exterior design, it looks like it’d also make a perfect spot for camping and making an escape to the outdoors. Just imagine being able to cozy on up in this camouflaged little space way out in the wilderness?




Photo Credit: Thomas Mayer