Mesmerizing Hour Glass Tells Time With Bubbles, Not Sand

bubbles hourglass

Photo Credit: Norihiko Terayama

Everyone is familiar with an hourglass, telling time through tiny grains of sand that can make you feel as if time is quickly slipping away. But Norihiko Terayama created an object that, although shaped like an hourglass, has the opposite effect.

Those fleeting bubbles you probably watched as a child, and were sad when they were popped are used in the Awaglass. Unlike a sandglass, which is used to mark the passing of moments, the Awaglass is meant to obscure them. Instead, you’ll get lost in the constant, fluid motion and remain in the present rather than being fixated on what you have to accomplish an hour from now.

bubbles awaglass

Unlike uniformly shaped sand, large bubbles and small bubbles pass upwards at different speeds, allowing you to get lost in the piece’s simple, poetic beauty.

bubbles awaglass2

Perfect as a gift for that person you know who needs to slow down, or perhaps even for yourself to sit on your desk, the soothing Awaglass is available in two different sizes, large and small, and is available online at $55 for the large Awaglass and $38 for the small. and small in the Spoon & Tamago shop.