Merman Hair is In, Man Buns Out: Men Dyeing Their Hair to Resemble Creatures of the Sea

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Lots of women have taken up mermaid hairstyles, dyeing their hair all sorts of crazy colors like green, blue and purple, but apparently men have decided to ditch their blonde and brunette locks for what’s being called “Merman hair.”


Photo Credit: Instagram

This increasingly popular trend has caught fire across the Internet, meaning your likely to see at least one or two mermen in your neighborhood soon. It gives guys the chance to rock hair that resembles everyone’s favorite mythical creature from the deep, Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” by dyeing their hair and beards into a variety of brilliant shades.

According to MTV, the merman is definitely in, while man buns are definitely out. A quick look at the latest trends on Instagram, #MermanHair, reveals a showcase of guys with these fluorescent dos.

While this new rainbow colored look is also a part of the celebration of LGBT life, with many sporting merman styles at this month’s Pride events around the world, including parades and other displays, straight guys are into it too.

What do you think – is this an attractive look that might capture your heart? And, guys, would you considering a transformation into a merman?


Photo Credit: Instagram

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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