1970s Men Fashion Ads You Will Never Be Able To Unsee


Men’s fashion ads from the 1970s are anything but normal. Around this time the price of synthetics dropped, allowing men of all different classes to start playing around more with fashion. The seventies were also packed with reckless partying and peace loving hippies. As a result of culture, politics and society this era’s fashion got funky… real funky!

Mustard knits, high waist shorts, shiny leotards, purple jumpsuits and revealing briefs were just a few of the fun pieces circulating men fashion ads during this disco decade.

Once you see these fashion faux pas you can’t unsee them, so beware… some of these ‘fashion statements’ are so far out they have the potential to instill nightmares for decades to come!

1. Fun Funky Jumpsuits

70s-men-fashion-381__700Photo Credit: Unknown

2. Men In Belted Sweaters (sounds like a band!)

70s-men-fashion-171__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Just Wearing My Grannie’s Nightgown, No Big

70s-men-fashion-17__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Underwear That’s FUNTAWEAR

Creative and creepy!

70s-men-fashion-331__700Photo Credit: Unknown

5. “Super Styles”

70s-men-fashion-132Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

6. Yellow Pants Like Whoa

70s-men-fashion-22__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

7. These Friends Clearly Shop Together

70s-men-fashion-141__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

8. What’s A Fashionable Man Without His Matching Sheep?

70s-men-fashion-372__700Photo Credit: fromjanet

9. You Fancy In All That Silk!

70s-men-fashion-71__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

10. Textured Vests And Panties Too

70s-men-fashion-162Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

11. Murderer In White

“Chickens hate me but fashion looooves me.”

screenshot-copy__700Photo Credit: KB

12. Bruce Jenner Is That You?

70s-men-fashion-301__700Photo Credit: mememarlin

13. Onsie 50% Off!

70s-men-fashion-261__700Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Apparently Men And Women Could Easily Swap Clothes In The 70’s

Today women wear ‘boyfriend jeans’ and ‘men’s blazers’, but back in the seventies it was the guys biting off of female fashion.

70s-men-fashion-51__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

15. Ponchos And Bike Shorts

70s-men-fashion-211__700Photo Credit: retrospace.org

16. The Best Way To Get Teased During Gym Class Is To Wear A Giraffe Inspired Leotard

70s-men-fashion-38__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

17. All About That Flair (And Tight Floral Tops)

70s-men-fashion-39__700Photo Credit: Unknown

18. Because Every Knit Vest Needs A Matching Knit Cap

70s-men-fashion-291__700Photo Credit: The J. Smith Archive

19. They Came To Party In Their Best Baby Clothes

70s-men-fashion-321__700Photo Credit: Unknown

20. The Hottest Dudes On The Racquetball Court Wear Jockey… And Nothing Else

70s-men-fashion-61__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

21. Clearly The Belted Sweater Look Was All The Rage

70s-men-fashion-181__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

22. All About That Mustard Yellow Knit

70s-men-fashion-101__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

23. Horoscope Fun Slacks

Carsuals__700Photo Credit: Alessandro Corniani

24. One Easy Piece… What More Could You Want?

70s-men-fashion-41__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

25. We Might Not Miss The Fashion But We Do Miss The Prices!

70s-men-fashion-91__700Photo Credit: hotpenguin.net

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