Meet Priscilla: The Prettiest Mini Pig On Instagram


I decided that I wanted a pet pig recently. Why? Simply because there are SO many cute pigs to follow on Instagram, their cute little snouts, loving nature, and hilarious antics make them simply irresistible. After meeting Priscilla, known as one of the prettiest pigs on social media, you might just want a pet pig too!

As of right now Priscilla oinks as one of the most popular pigs on the web with over 244,000 Instagram followers–hey that’s more than a lot of B-level celebrities running around Hollywood. Plus, on Facebook Priscilla has over 19,000 likes–you go Priscilla! After checking out this pig’s wonderful life, it’s easy to see what all of the commotion is about.

Living in Florida is all that it’s cracked up to be for this beach-loving babe and her little piglet brother Poppleton. Each day you can take a peek at Priscilla’s Instagram and/or Facebook to see what sort of adventures she is up to! Check out some of her cutest moments here…


You can find Priscilla and her little brother Poppleton living in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Here they reside with their human mom, who happens to be a teacher. The duo tags along to school with mom each day. Meaning not only are these pigs cute, but they are also very smart!


Priscilla loves to wear pearls, pink, and bows, plus she never skips on an opportunity to play on the playground at school. She only wishes she could spend more time kicking her hooves in the bark. On her Instagram she comments on the matter saying, “There should some perks that come with being the ‘teacher’s pet.’ Too cute!


Talk about living the good life, this little piggy has her ice cream, and she eats it too! Mommy makes sure to put down a big blanket though, she might be ‘prissy’ but just like any pig, she knows how to make a mess.


Poppleton has the best big sister ever in Priscilla, he even uses her as a pig pillow!


Poppleton, Pop for short, just celebrated his 9-month birthday about a week ago, happy belated bday Pop!

Pigs don’t get much more patriotic than this! But what’s all over Poppleton’s nose?! He must have been ‘pigging out’ before this photo!


These two check into bed early on school nights, wouldn’t want to make mommy late–after all, she is the teacher!


After a long week at school, the weekends are Priscilla’s time to party, she especially loves going to the beach. Running around in the sand, the smell of the water, and non-alchohol margaritas make beach-days the best days!


The siblings were all dressed and ready to go celebrate the birthday of a fellow famous pig when they were told by mom that @the_pig_named_bacon lived too far away. These 2 silly piglets have one thing to say about that, their tongues sticking out speak volumes!


Did you know pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet? They are known to surpass dogs and three-year-old children in intelligence.


Priscilla has an array of cute outfits she often sports around town, but sometimes this pig just wants to wear her birthday suit!


The fashionable diva loves Tiffany & Co, after all she looks incredible in Tiffany blue!


What a lucky little pair of pigs, with a warm bed to snuggle in and soft pajamas to sleep in.


Priscilla checks herself out in the mirror, like any adorable little lady would!


Looking dazzling in her yellow tutu, Priscilla is ready to dig her hooves into the sand.


Sometimes she dresses like a beach babe, and other times she puts on her grandma gear, either way she looks simply stunning!


Photo Credits: Instagram, Facebook