Meet The Newest Puppy To Join The Adorable Doggie Duo Of Harlow & Indiana


Harlow and Indiana’s Instagram, harlowandsage, became popular with followers well over a year ago, and today they still remain one of the most adorable duos you can click to follow. Although they are no longer a duo, they are now a trio… meet the newest puppy to join the pack, Reese!

As the story goes, Harlow originally spent her days playing with a beautiful speckled Dachshund named Sage. When Sage passed away due to old age, Harlow was given a new friend to fill her heart with joy, a young Dachshund puppy named Indiana. The two quickly became inseparable, doing everything together from playing to napping.

After Harlow and Indiana became best buds, Reese was introduced to the picture, but at first the popular duo was unsure and a little cautious regarding the new puppy. But it didn’t take long before they warmed right up to their cuddly new friend named Reese. Thankfully, their owner was there every kiss and cuddle along the way, snapping and sharing photos to Instagram for all of us to enjoy!

Before Reese, it was just Harlow and Indiana living it up as the famous doggie duo they are


And before Indiana, Harlow’s favorite pal and sister was a sweet mini Dachshund named Sage. The pair is pictured below:



After Sage passed away due to old age it wasn’t easy for Harlow to get over her loss. Yet, she just couldn’t resist the adorable puppy named Indiana. Before long the two became best buds.


Harlow had his reservations about Indiana at first. After all, his late-friend Sage, a miniature Dachshund, had been his go-to pal for everything. They shared a love for Christmas and Meryl Streep, and they played, cuddled, and loved without boundaries. Indiana, the hyperactive puppy with a great sense of humor took some getting used to, but before long the pair became inseparable.

Then, along came Reese…


“You really think you can just waltz right in here?” At first the dogs were cautious about Reese…


The dogs’ owner wondered, without much doubt, if Harlow and Indiana would eventually develop the same closeness with Reese.

But seriously, look at this face… how long could you possibly resist?


It didn’t take long before Reese was an official part of the pack


When you are as cute as Harlow and her friends, it appears pretty easy to get famous! After all, Harlow is a gorgeous, and rather expressive, Weimaraner with an excellent disposition. A peek at her Instagram proves she is great at posing for the camera and is often photographed goofing off with her equally adorable four-legged pals.

And naptime got a little bit more crowded, as they all cuddle in a doggy pile


The trio now does just about everything together, and with this pack three is certainly not company. The pups read picture books, go to the park, play in the snow and most importantly sleep! The couch seems to be their favorite go-to destination for a good group huddle and snooze.



“Hello world! I love my new life!” Is Reese really waving in her sleep? TOO CUTE!


Reese is short for ‘Reese Lightning’


These popular pups have over 600,000 followers!! They also have their own book called Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) A True Story About Best Friends. This book was published before the introduction of Reese. We hope that means another book featuring the latest adorable addition to the pack is soon to come!

All cuddled up in a line… my oh my!



“Could you stop moving, we are trying to sleep here!”



Photo Credits: harlowandsage.comInstagram