Meet Maru, The Smiliest Dog In Japan


Why are canines so dog-gone happy?! Dogs are naturally happy creatures, they have great personalities full of hope and wonder about the world. Of course some dogs tend to be more positive than others, I’ve met a few four-legged complainers, but overall all dogs are WAY more happy-go-lucky than humans. Science doesn’t know what exactly goes in on a dog’s brain all of the time, but I know it’s not bills, responsibilities, or lingering chores!

While most dogs are happy campers, Maru is the smiliest dog of them all! The 7-year old Shiba-Inu dog lives the good life with her owners in Japan. Judging by all of the photos and videos posted online to the dog’s Facebook and website, the fun never stops for Maru. In proof of her perfect existence she is also ALWAYS sporting the biggest grin! In fact, Maru’s smile is so huge and contagious she has made headlines all around the world.

It’s not just her smile, but she gets those squinty eyes as well, making her look so full of joy and serenity! Check out the photos of Maru below, I swear each one just keeps getting cuter and cuter…


Not all Shiba-Inu dogs look like they are constantly smiling, Maru is truly one-of-a-kind. There are 6 distinct spitz breeds that are natural to Japan, the Shiba Inu is the smallest of the 6. The Shiba-Inu is a distinct breed known for its unique personality and string of talents.


She’s still smiling beneath her paws…does she ever stop?


The lights are bright, but not as bright as Maru’s smile! But can dogs really smile? It’s been a long-standing debate that has received a decent amount of research attention, the final answer? A fairly definite yes, dogs can smile! Even more telling than tugged back lips, if their tongue is hung loosely from a slightly ajar mouth, this is a clear indictor your dog is happily wearing the equivalent of a human smile.

In general, dogs are happy most of the time because they live in the moment, so if they are playing a game of fetch, chasing a trio of bunnies, or cuddling up with you on the couch, they are 100% happy–not much on their mind but the fun they are currently having–oh and maybe, “do you smell treats?



Everyday is pawsome when you are as cute and happy as Maru!



Maru loves kids, they smile almost as much as she does.


“Check out all my hiding places!” Maru says.  Amazon could pick this cutey up for their next mascot, I can just see it now, “Order from us and you can smile all the time like Maru…”



The naturally good disposition canines inherit serves as an inspiration for us all. Just like dogs we should work on living in the moment, refusing to hold a grudge, and taking everything that comes our way with excitement in order to live a better, more blessed life.

If you take it a step further and refuse to remove your smile, just like Maru, you will find your life improving even more. After all research has proven that the simple act of smiling can trick your mind into thinking you are happy, even if you are not currently feeling so ‘yahoo’ about life.



Maru has so many adventures, but no matter if she is at the most fun location ever, or chilling on the living room sofa, happiness radiates through her sweet soul and smile.


Grinning so big her teeth are showing! OMG so cute, can I fly to Japan and hug this dog right now?!?!


After a long day of adventures and constant smiling Maru finally gets tired…


Photo Credits: Maru Website, Facebook