Meet Biddy, The Travelling Hedgehog


How many followers do you have on Instagram?

Probably not as many as Biddy the hedgehog has collected.

With 376,000 followers this Hedgehog is not only popular, but also very well traveled.

Biddy is only 3-years old but he has already been to places many grown-up humans can only dream about.

Biddy is an African Pygmy Hedgehog from Fairview Oregon, where he lives with his two adoring owners Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher. .

He is so small he fits right in your palm, making it easy to take him just about anywhere.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-1

Living so close to the coast, Biddy doesn’t have to go far to see gorgeous sights like towering mountains, and crashing beach waves. Biddy travels around in a small carrier, likely intended to hold a small dog or kitty-cat, but this is one lucky hedgehog. So lucky in fact, his owners never expected him to become so popular.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-2

After starting to post photos of Biddy online, they thought they would get 500 followers at most. Contrary to their beliefs, the response over Biddy has been overwhelming. With so many followers, the couple says they have become more active than ever.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-4

Toni Deweese told The Oregonian, “We did go out a lot before, but now we feel like we have to every week because everyone’s expecting an adventure.”biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-5

And they sure do find some awesome adventures to bring Biddy along, including trails, lakes, oceans, sandy beaches, and the list goes on! The trio travels to isolated patches of Oregon beauty and more famous sights, such as Mount Rushmore.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-7

In each one Biddy is pictured partaking in the action. He is usually photographed in one of his owners’ hands, like a hedgehog selfie with some jaw dropping backgrounds. Sometimes Biddy throws in extra cuteness stretching out his arms like wings, or sticking his tongue out for some sassy hedgehog action.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-8

At times Biddy also asserts his independence, taking photos on his own, either strolling through the sand, or using a rock as a perch.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-27

Biddy’s owners know he’s not going anywhere. After all, he loves being held and how he is he supposed to travel near and far without his human family?biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-9

Biddy knows he’s got it good, even if his owners do make him take a bath every once and a while.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-26

When you are a famous hedgehog you have to look clean and nice for all of your photos!biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-10

Videos on Instagram of Biddy getting a bath in the bathroom sink hint that bathing might not be his favorite adventure.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-23

Soon as the water fills up he spends a lot of time swimming near the edge, as if trying to get out. Then again, he might just enjoy swimming!biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-14

One thing Biddy undeniably loves is the feel of the sun on his back full of quills. Oh yeah, and his family, including his new baby sister.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-22

Her name is Charlie, although she’s not a hedgehog, she’s a puppy, a Welsh Corgi, Chihuahua, Papillion, Beagle mix to be exact! What more could a sweet little hedgehog ask for?biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-15

This happy-go-lucky hedgehog can teach us all a thing or two about life, like how to sit back and enjoy the ride. Take all of the adventures that come our way with an open heart, and adoration for adventure.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-16

Biddy isn’t the only hedgehog taking the world by storm. Norman the hedgehog melted hearts when photos of him surfaced with a missing tooth. While Norman has 675 followers on Instagram, it doesn’t matter if he’s popular on social media or not, his owner, Brett Jessie, still considers him one awesome pet.biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-21

Jessie says that Norman loves to snuggle up to his beard, always makes him laugh, and doesn’t understand what in the world “personal space” means. Sounds like hedgehogs make for a lot of fun!biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-28

Hedgehogs are quickly gaining popularity and taking over social media, causing us to question: will the new go-to pet become a hedgehog instead of a cat or dog?!biddy-cute-hedgehog-adventures-29