Relieve Your Stress & Virtually Travel The World With This Map Stress Ball That Zooms In Wherever You Squeeze It


Stress balls and old-fashioned globe maps come together as one in this awesome invention by Hungary-based design student Dénes Sátor. Sátor created the egg-shaped map stress ball with many details of Budapest’s streets, all one has to do is squeeze the stress ball to make the tiny details zoom in with striking clarity, offering a much closer look at street names and other important details.

The map stress ball is made of a durable balloon material filled with air. The actual ball is covered in so many intricate details but you can’t even see them until you start squeezing away your stress.

Sátor is proud of his nifty invention. He points out, smartphones require data or WIFI connection as well as batteries, and typical paper maps are easily torn or damaged by water. This map stress ball is far more durable, waterproof and reliable… so long as you know just how to squeeze it!

Right now you can only use this stress ball to travel around Budapest but Sátor is in the process of creating this same invention for other cities around the globe. Make sure to follow him on social media to stay up to date with his latest stress balls and other shenanigans.


It doesn’t even look like the map includes any street names or highways…


But upon closer inspection it’s all there… all you have to do is squeeze!

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