Man Hosts Epic BBQ for Tiny Hamster and His Other Tiny Animal Friends

hamster party final

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No matter what you’re doing for Fourth of July this year, it’s going to be hard to beat this celebration. In the latest “Tiny Hamster” video, the hamster is seen hosting a raucous Independence Day party in the eighth episode in a YouTube series chronicling the eating habits of tiny animals.

The adorable critter invited over his friends, a hedgehog, a bunny and a guinea pig, for a backyard barbecue celebrating America’s independence with tiny menu items include baby skewers, baby burgers and baby corn on the cob — all cooked on a miniature grill and served on poker chips instead of plates.

Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without fireworks, of course, provided at the end of the meal by the group’s chef.

Watch it all unfold here:

“What I like most about making the videos is kind of pushing the boundaries of what tiny hamster can eat and do next with his friends,” said Joe Matsushima, co-founder of the YouTube channel HelloDenizen, which creates the “Tiny Hamster” series, “For the barbecue episode, I was extremely excited about throwing a hedgehog in a kiddie pool, and I was really passionate about having a guinea pig lying back in the water with sunglasses.”