A Man Found A Dead Fox Lying In The Street. When He Returned Later, He Was In Disbelief.



This amazing story about a man who did all he could to save a fox will be sure tug at your heartstrings, so be ready.

It wasn’t too long ago that Reddit user Isisis posted a description of a touching encounter online for others to see.

He explained that his friend was riding his bike into town when he came across a fox in the road that had been hit by a car. He wanted to help the injured animal but, sadly, quickly realized that there was nothing he could do.

However, instead of riding off to leave the animal to die alone, he decided to sit on the side of the road with it to show it compassion in its final moments. The fox’s heart stopped beating and it took its final breath as the man watched helplessly from the side.

He describes the event himself in the following way:fox-rescue

“This morning on my bike ride into town I came upon this fox that had just been hit by a car. His eyes were slowy opening and closing, he was shaking out of control and his heart was beating out of his chest.

All I wanted to do was help him but I quickly realized there was nothing I could do so I sat down next to him and gave him the warmth and company that I think I would appreciate if I was in that situation.

His eyes closed for good, the shaking was down to a minimum and as I rubbed his little head to comfort him, I literally watched his last heart beat. RIP little guy the world will miss you.”

He left the scene after, thinking that the fox was long gone. However, the story took a hopeful change when the man returned 8 hours later to remove the animal’s body. Despite appearing dead mere hours ago, the man miraculously found the fox to be alive and breathing.

He wrote, “went back to move his body 8 hours later and oh my god he is alive”. It practically seemed like a miracle.

He was by no means an expert on foxes, and wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Regardless, he decided to take the fox to a professional, also seeking support from others by asking fellow users, “heading to the vet, does any one else have any better suggestions?”

The other uses were left in suspense while hoping that the fox would survive. Unfortunately, they would be let down. fox-rescue2

While at the vet, the man learned that the animal was in a much worse condition than he had hoped for. According to another one of his online explanations, the fox had multiple broken bones, most of which were on his back and neck, and his internal organs were destroyed.

Given his condition, the vets decided to put the fox to sleep so that he could die as peacefully as possible.

As sad as it was that the fox’s life had to end, it was the best outcome for him given his dire condition. The man stated, “[the veterinarians] said that if I didn’t bring him in he would of suffered for days”. While putting the fox to sleep was not what anyone had hoped for, it was the better option.

The man also adds after his explanation, “I tried.”

He certainly did put a great effort in to save the fox, and definitely much more than most people would when faced with a dying animal on the road. It was certainly a small act of heroism on his part, taking thetime to sit with the dying fox and then trying to save it as best as he could later on.

While it’s heartbreaking that the fox died, at least the man did save the animal from several days of possible suffering. His actions are not something to be overlooked.