What This Mama Cat Does When Her Baby Gets Trapped Is Ridiculously Sweet. Just Watch.


People are always saying that cats are mean and heartless, that they are not as loving as dogs. Or that cats are selfish and only care about themselves. But as every other cat lover out there knows: this is so not true!

Don’t believe me? Then just watch this video of a mommy kitty trying to save her baby. Sure she could be sunning herself, chasing juicy spiders, or sniffing around the kitchen for some food, but this kitty is no Garfield! Instead she’s busy trying to save her baby kitten trapped up in a tree.

Cats are notorious for climbing everything, trees included. They are built for the sport and do it quite well. But that doesn’t mean cats don’t get stuck up in trees. Baby kittens are even more likely to get halfway up before realizing, “what-meow?”

In fact there are businesses that provide services to remove cats stuck in trees—that’s how often it happens. The mommy cat in this video wished she had their number on the day this video was captured.

Trapped up in a tree, her kitty cries and cries cute little kitten tears. Mama cat knows her baby needs some help, and so she climbs up the tree to reach and assist her white ball of fluff. When she reaches her you can practically feel the relief.

That is until mama tries to grab the back of her kitty’s neck, apparently attempting to carry her down. But instead of going along, the kitten clings tight to the branch with her paws. Mom tries, and then tries again, all to no avail. And so she takes another route of action.

Mom starts walking down the tree, hoping her kitty will follow. At first, it appears that she will, but then this bundle of fur decides to do what cats do best: cause mischief. Instead of climbing down the tree, the kitty climbs up even higher, situating herself on the next available perch.

“Oh no way!” Says momma cat, as she scampers back up, once again trying to take her baby by the neck. Just like the time before, to no avail. This kitty is quite the handful! She cries and cries up in the tree, but she sure doesn’t want to let mom drag her back down. And so mommy seems to give up, showing her kitten how to climb down by example and then hoping for the best.

Here’s where you might be thinking- ah-hah! Cold and heartless, she gave up, what mom gives up?! Think again, this mommy kitty isn’t standing by calmly. She’s fiercely panting! Cats only pant when they are really thirsty or really stressed out.

Clearly, with the current situation at hand, this mommy cat is full of stress! And who wouldn’t be? She can’t seem to control her baby kitty, now dangling up in a tree, crying, but resistant to help.

Even though mommy worries her kitten will remain in the tree forever, it doesn’t take long before she follows her mommy’s example and makes her way down the tree. Slowly but surely the kitten reaches solid ground, causing you to wonder how mom is going to react. As any mother might relate, momma cat is relieved but not necessarily overjoyed. In fact she probably wants to give her baby a stern hissing, “You scared the catnip out of me!”

Moms are awesome, always there to help us out when we need them.

Giving us the loving encouragement all species crave. Even in the animal kingdom, moms reign supreme, lovingly taking care of their babies—even those with a mischievous agenda.