Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Superheroes Using Nothing But Makeup


Turns out you don’t need a Halloween costume if you’re REALLY good with makeup. Instead, makeup and body paint alone can be used to make you look like anyone or anything. Argenis Pinal from Temecula, California has a true talent for makeup. The professional makeup artist is capable of transforming into any superhero he wants with some high quality brushes and plenty of colorful makeup.

It’s not just his face that transforms; he also uses makeup for body art as well. Male, female, scary or heroic, Pinal is capable of transforming into any life-size comic book hero or villain using just the right colors, lines, shading and other techniques he has up his sleeve.

Pinal’s massive transformations are so incredible he’s gone viral. His Instagram has massed over 107,000 followers, each obsessed with how fierce he looks as cyborg Superman, Wolverine, the White Queen, a zombie, and all of the other remixed characters he enjoys duplicating using only body paint and makeup.

When Pinal is not painting himself into comic book icons he works as a cosmetologist, PMST MUA instructor, body painter, and M.A.C. freelancer. Be prepared for amazement looking at all of his different looks…

Male & Female Version Of The Joker


Female Magneto/ Zombie Wolverine


Evil Zombie


Wonder Woman


Cyborg Superman/ White Queen


The Joker/Harley Quinn


Zombie Wolverine





Apparently, he can make anyone look like they have some serious cleavage… including him!


The Joker Transformation

While some of his photos appear photoshopped he really is making himself look like all of these superheroes and villains using only makeup. In proof, here’s what The Joker transformation looks like from start to finish…



Everyday Pinal VS. Wedding Make-Up



make-up-body-art-comic-book-superhero-cosplay-argenis-pinal-15Check out Argenis Penal’s official website for more information about his jaw-dropping work!

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