The Majestic Beauty of Wild Animals Captured By Marina Cano


Photos of wild animals are magical to look at, it’s not everyday you get to see a giraffe or elephant up close! One photographer named Marina Cano brings wild animals into your home with her wondrous photography.

Marina uses years of experience paired with patience, respect and a true understanding of wildlife to capture the most breathtaking images. Her photos are beyond amazing, as she captures wild animals in their natural habitats, personalities included.

That’s perhaps the most amazing part of Marina’s photos, in the flash of a moment, Marina is able to show who an animal is at heart. Not only do you ‘awe’ at her photos, but you literally fall in love with her camera subjects.

Marina is a landscape and wildlife photographer,  currently living in Cantabria on the north side of Spain. Since she was a teenage girl, Marina has loved taking photos of her surroundings. Lucky for her, and all of us, she has turned her dreams into a successful career.

Here some of Marina’s majestic photos from her extensive travels. Enjoy!


Marina has spent so much time out with wildlife, earning her the opportunity  to capture the most perfectly-timed images. Like this guy, his mouth stuffed full of fish. “Don’t judge me–I’m hungry!”


Marina’s work captures an array of moments, from funny to sweet and everything in between. You can never get bored looking through her incredibly diverse photos.


Most of Marina’s photos are shot at parks and safaris around the world, but she doesn’t remain distant. She gets up close and personal with the animals, so that each photo is full of life, personality, and oftentimes love.


Some of Marina’s photos include a black background which attracts a lot of attention. Many people wonder if she gets these wild animals into a studio somehow. The photographer explains that these black backgrounds are thanks to man-made shelters the wild animals will travel inside if the weather gets bad enough. This allows Marina to take photos that look like studio quality, but out in the natural world.


Cabarceno is Europe’s largest wildlife park, and one of the largest in the world. It is also the sight for many of Marina’s photo shots.  Many different kinds of animals live at Cabarceno, including zebras, lions, elephants, bears, baboons, tigers, jaguars, ostriches, and more!


When Marina is not busy taking perfect photos of incredible wild animals, she travels and gives lectures where she discuss her experiences and shares her accumulated knowledge.

If you want to explore the 1,900 wild acres at Cabarceno for yourself, you can pay to go on a workshop with Marina.  These workshops include a generous helping of her experienced knowledge, she even teaches tricks for taking superior wildlife photos.


Marina published her first book in 2009, titled Cabarceno. This gorgeous book includes a collection of the greatest photos from her 3-year shoot at Europe’s largest wildlife park.

She published another book in 2012, Drama & Intimacy, which includes photos taken throughout England, Cabarceno, Kenya, and South Africa.


Marina’s work is never complete, everywhere that she travels she uncovers new and amazing sights, she writes on her website, “I’m amazed with the beauty I’ve found everywhere.”


Animals and their babies have such a beautiful connection, I can’t get enough! See more intimate moments between animals and their offspring. 


Three giraffes share an exquisite view. One long-neck says to the other, “Best sunset we have seen all week, don’t ya think?” 


“I love you–no bull about it!”



Just behind the rock cliff you can see mom rounding up her pack of curious climbing cubs.


Together forever! You can hardly tell these two gorgeous cats apart.



With each image more incredible than the last, the true heart and innocence of wild animals echo clear thanks to Marina Cano’s eye for photography.



Photo Credits: Marina Cano