A Magical World Of Mushrooms By Vyacheslav Mishchenko


Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who goes by Slava for short, is a photographer with an interesting favorite subject. Inspired by his own father, Slava loves mushrooms, studying them, looking at them, and especially photographing them.

Slava describes photography as his first passion, and mushrooms as his 2nd greatest passion. It might be difficult for some people to understand why someone would be so interested in mushrooms, but that’s because they haven’t seen the fungus from the same perspective as Slava.

When Slava sees a mushroom, he really sees so much more. He identifies mushrooms as intricate little creations, which he also refers to as “Little Heroes.” Mushrooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and types, although Slava believes most of them resemble “aliens from other planets.”

Check out some of Slava’s mushroom photography to better understand why mushrooms are way cooler than you ever expected.


Besides mushrooms, Slava also takes incredible photos of flowers, dragonflies, frogs, snails, ants, lizards, and more. In many of these mushroom photos we see other subject interests of his as well, bringing together his passions for nature into one majestic photo.


Mushrooms are a fungi, making them very different from a plant. In fact, mushrooms are as different from plants, as plants are different to animals. Just like everything else on planet earth, mushrooms have a vital role to play in keeping our environment balanced.

Mushrooms suck up the dead plants and turn them into rich soil. Without mushrooms to take care of this process, the entire earth would become polluted in debris until life could no longer exist.


Mushrooms may come in rather dull colors, but by boiling mushrooms in water you can create an array of brightly colored dye. Dip a t-shirt inside the water and you will see colors staining the cloth.


The snails photographed above are about to share an embrace, you never know how long they have known one another for. After all, did you know that snails can live over 5-years?


While it’s a known fact that mushrooms use sunlight, science remains unsure how the sun is beneficial to the growth of the fungi.


A mushroom can go dormant for an entire century and then suddenly start to grow again.




Slava believes that mushrooms look like alien creatures, and he might be onto something. Some scientists believe that certain types of mushrooms are directly from outer space. Mushroom spores are another source of Sci-Fi rumors, scientists believe that spores are capable of space travel.

The ancient Egyptions were also crazy for mushrooms. Hieroglyphics dating back 4,600 years suggest they beleived mushrooms were the plant of immortality.



The outer layer of a mushroom, known as chitin, is the hardest material naturally forming on planet Earth.


All types of animals rely on mushrooms to help them travel from point a to point b.


The next time you go to the grocery store you should know that mushrooms are the only thing in the produce section that contains vitamin D.


The world might be more obsessed with mushrooms than you think, about 6 out of 10 people have eaten mushrooms in the last 7 days.


Thanks to Slava’s photography for inspiring us to learn more about the finer points of mushrooms.

With over 39,000 likes, Slava’s Facebook page and photos are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why! Behind the camera is the inspiration necessary to capture truly incredible images. It’s not just mushrooms that inspire Slava. As a true nature-lover the photographer writes on Bored Panda, “I feel pure joy and happiness, as I am lucky enough to see nature as a special, dreamlike world.”


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Photo Credits: Vyacheslav Mishchenko , Facebook,