Magical New Bookstore Opens Its Doors In Romania


With more and more bookstores closing up shop everyday due to online ordering and digital downloads, the world needs more beautiful bookstores to keep the love of books alive. Cărtureşti Carusel, also known as “The Carousel of Light,” is an exquisite new bookstore that just opened its doors in Bucharest, Romania. Stepping foot inside of the massive 6-story shop is a truly magical experience.

The gorgeous bookstore is adorned in massive white pillars, fancy moldings, and tables shaped like grand pianos. The Carousel of Light sells more than just books. The 10,700-square-foot store offers over 5,000 albums and DVDs, as well as 10,000+ books for you to browse through. If you get hungry or need some coffee, you can venture upstairs to the top floor where you will find a bistro that serves up beverages and food.

Not to overwhelm you or anything, but there are 6 floors of magic to uncover here. And on each floor there are more things to discover and take note of. On the first floor is a large gallery space dedicated to showcasing modern art, and on the basement level is a spacious multimedia area for grand affairs. This prestige location is made to host all types of parties, including cultural events, art shows, concerts and more.


The jaw-dropping store is easily one of the coolest bookstores on the planet. Carturesti is the Romanian bookshop chain that operates the grand establishment. They were lucky to score the newly renovated 19th century architectural masterpiece their latest bookstore calls home.

Back around 1903, a family of wealthy bankers owned the elegant building.  During the communist period the building was confiscated and converted into an ordinary store. Jean Chrissoveloni, the building’s current owner, recovered the gorgeous hunk of history sometime after 1990.


The building’s owner, Jean Chrissoveloni, operates Square One studio, an ambitious self-started restoration project. The Carrousel of Light is just one of their many renovation projects. They have also renovated a Beer museum, nightclub, boutique apartments and more.

Architects working with Square One said of the breathtaking bookstore renovations, “Our idea of restoring focussed somewhere between old and new. Using a contemporary language, we minimised the chromatic elements in order to make room for the play of lights and shadows generated by the central skylight. The sinuous shape of the floors creates a dynamic atmosphere similar to a moving carousel.”


The manager of the bookstore said, “It is both a destination and a starting point, including for us. When you enter the carousel, after the innocent amazement caused by the characteristics of this impressive building, you do not rest, you seek to rummage, being carried away by your own steps, while your ideas are flowing.”


Situated in the heart of Bucharest, the regal bookstore is located on a long vibrant street, surrounded by luxury clothing stores, cute coffee shops, and fun pubs. The innovative bookstore is sure to fit in with its culturally savvy surroundings; after all stepping foot inside this bookstore is like walking into a dreamy art lover’s mansion.


Nearly the entire building is painted a bright shade of white, and the results are simply stunning, giving this bookstore unmatched charm, character and regal appeal.


The bookstore also sells plenty of accessories, like notebooks, cute stationary sets, unique knick-knacks and fun bags.


The Carousel of Light bookstore officially opened its doors for business on February 12, 2015.


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If you live in Romania or plan to travel there in the future this bookstore is definitely worth checking out–hey, not everyone can say they have been to one of the nicest bookstores in the whole world!


Photo Credit: Facebook, Bored Panda