Magical 3D Sidewalk Murals By Nikolaj Arndt Almost Come to Life


Photo Credit: Nikolaj Arndt, Facebook

Artist Nikolaj Arndt transforms otherwise boring streets, and sometimes floors, into magical 3D sidewalk murals that are so astounding they almost come to life.


Arndt has been dazzling pedestrians, and even enticing them to interact with his remarkable works of art since 2009. He told PxlEyes, “I use chalk and pigment. The pigment is the same as chalk, only in powder. I use water with lots of sugar to dilute the pigment. The sticky base protects the work from the wind. To draw a picture I need an average of two days.”

In just a matter of days, the Russian-born artist is capable of illustrating pieces that viewers can easily interact with.

arndt 2


“Those who want to try their hand at street art, I would say: Do not be afraid to experiment,” he advised. “Try something new, it is always interesting. For me the main thing in art is to give positive emotions to the audience. When people are smiling, looking at my pictures, I’m happy.”

In 2006, Arndt moved to Germany, and three years later he began participating in street art festivals throughout various cities and states, creating his incredible 3D works. He currently teaches at a private art school as well as working together with advertising agencies and galleries.